We are a residential property development firm in Washington, DC.  Ben and Lindsay are cousins who grew up spending time together during extended family gatherings. Ben pursued a career in construction and Lindsay a career in real estate sales. In 2008 they decided to combine their talents to pursue development and they co-founded District Quarters.


The success of a development project hinges on hundreds of decisions that get made during the life of the project. Lindsay understands what the market wants. Ben knows construction. Together they’re able to combine knowledge to make smart decisions resulting in consistently well executed projects.


Lindsay Reishman

Lindsay is in tune with the pulse of DC’s real estate market. He began his career in sales in 2004 and in a 10 year span sold more than $300 million worth of properties. He was always particularly interested in urban infill work, so in 2008 he co-founded District Quarters. Lindsay’s responsible for finding new projects, collaborating on the design, and overseeing the sales & marketing process.



Ben has a passion for giving homes new life. He has always been in the construction field, previously working for Rand, Landis, and CVT. In 2008 he felt prepared to chart his own course and co-founded District Quarters. Ben is responsible for overseeing the entirety of the construction process for all District Quarters projects. He has the reputation for doing high quality work and being a good communicator during the process.


Evan Muchai
Acquistions & Development


Janeth Coca
Director of Operations